The purpose of science fiction is to be able to present an idea/theme/story without any restriction.  It allows the author to mold reality to fit to the story instead of molding the other way, the way it is normally done.  The research paper component of this anthology focused on the mathematics of tuning, and revealed that there is no logical way to produce coherent polyphony.  A science paper basically stating that there IS no science behind music, and it all depends on the ear of the musician and subjective opinions on how it should sound.  I had a lot of fun creating the creative writing portion of this anthology.  The first poem was designed to confuse the reader as much as it confused me, describing a performer who was also a research scientist.  The second piece was shorter, and used science fiction in order to explain how separation from your friends and family is like the death of a part of you.  Overall, I really enjoyed making this project and learned a lot about the true nature of science fiction.

Revised: June 13, 2003 .