Creative Writing Component

These two poems I wrote are examples of science fiction poetry.

"The Scientist"

The violinist gets up on stage

The applause dies down and the performance begins

The soloist works with his instrument to create the melodies and rhythms of music

Behind that music is a story, an idea, a theme

So much time was spent searching for this theme

Alone in a practice room, late hours of the night

The musician practises to perfect the piece and understand the meaning

The researcher in the laboratory sees the music

Studies it day and night until its song pulsates through his veins

He knows it by heart, but where the heart of the music is, he still has to search

What is the meaning of it all?

Research, research, research

Study, study, study

Eureka! I have discovered the link between the gravity, the electromagnetic force, the weak force, and the strong force!

Work becomes more enjoyable now--now working on the presentation of  this breakthough

Graphs, data tables, powerpoint presentations, or maybe even a short video clip

Have to find out the right combination of media to intrigue the audience as well as teach them

This is the art of science

The artist finishes his work


The roar of the audience's applause

A wonderful presentation

Such insight and clarity

Such passion and purpose

What a musician.



Relativity is a wonderful thing

It makes interstellar travel seem like the fountain of youth

Jumping through light-years in a matter of hours--one week of travel time translates into a couple centuries of planet time

You could live forever by spending your life traveling

But when you take off for a faraway planet

And wave goodbye to everyone you know

Your friends, your family, the people with whom you've shared everything with

The life you had ends.

Revised: June 13, 2003 .